Rieke Metals manufacturers and supplies over 10,000 chemical compounds for research and commercial use. Orders for our highly reactive metals, organozinc and Grignard reagents, fine chemicals and semiconducting polymers and monomers are quickly processed and available to ship to locations across the globe. Our in-house research team keeps Rieke Metals on the leading edge, creating dozens of new compounds every year.

We offer a broad range of organozinc halides that provide an advantage over Grignard reagents because they are more selective, offering scientists increased predictability and higher yields in their cross coupling reactions. Our decades of experience is why you can count on us to help choose the right product for your application.
 Our flagship product lines of organozinc and unique Grignard reagents have been scaled up from research quantities to batch sizes that support both clinical trials and commercialization. We scale up using the same process as our research quantities. This means consistent production at each stage of your success and eliminates any need to re-qualify. We can supply quantities from milliliters to thousands of liters—whatever best supports your project.

Orders are accepted via email (, website, and fax (402-434-2777) and are shipped the same day. Safety data sheets (SDS) and certificates of analysis can be electronically provided for immediate verification. 

Custom Synthesis and Research

It's well known that the Rieke Metals team has expertise in inert atmosphere reactions, but they're also very clever synthetic chemists.  More than just a catalog company, Rieke Metals can help solve your stubborn synthesis challenges while keeping your intellectual property safe.  Their capability to scale from grams to kilograms provide project continuity through to commercialization.