Highly Reactive Metals and Organometallic Reagents

Rieke Metals Offers 3 categories of Highly Reactive Metals and Organometallic Reagents: 

Rieke Highly Reactive Metals 

High Reactivity = High Selectivity

Standing in contrast to the standard observation that reagents which exhibit high reactivity have low selectivity are Rieke® metals, which exhibit high reactivity and high selectivity. Rieke® zinc will react directly with alkyl, aryl and vinyl halides and tolerate a wider variety of functional groups. Rieke® magnesium allows Grignard formation at lower temperatures, including the preparation of many benzylic systems.

Rieke Metals currently offers highly reactive metals Rieke® Zinc and Rieke® Magnesium.

The highly reactive metals, shipped as a suspension in THF, can be readily dispensed directly into your reaction vessel in known quantities.

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Rieke Organozinc Reagents

The exceptional reactivity of highly reactive metals allows the preparation of novel organozinc reagents with unusual functionality, found exclusively at Rieke Metals and distribution partners.

Rieke® Zinc reacts directly with alkyl, aryl and vinyl halides and tolerates a broad range of functional groups such as chlorides, nitriles, esters, amides, ethers, sulfides and ketones. Also of signifigance is that aryl halides show no scrambling of position when ortho-, meta- or para-substituted substrates are used.

Many reactions can be conveniently carried out in the bottles used for shipment.

RMI supplies research to bulk quantities, up through thousands of liters.  

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Grignard Reagents

One of the most widely known organometallic reagents is the Grignard reagent. Although commonly thought to be completely general, there are many organic halides that do not form Grignard reagents with ordinary magnesium turnings.

The use of highly reactive Rieke® magnesium dramatically increases the range of Grignard reagents that are possible. It can also allow Grignard formation at lower temperatures, avoiding decomposition or unwanted additions. These advantages provide inclusion of many benzylic systems, which tend to yield homocoupled products at room temperature.

Rieke Metals offers hundreds of novel, specialty Grignard reagents with superior service and quality.

Quantities range from research to bulk quantities, up to a monthly supply of thousand liter quantities. 

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